Postcards from Umbria


I always offer to help our guests plan their trips, and I’m happy when they accept some help. And when my friend Katie accepted my offer, I was thrilled. Katie had agreed to act as her traveling party’s activities director, and they hit the jackpot when they assigned her to the role. She read everything I sent her, pored over this blog and Rocca di Benano’s Pinterest Board (which is sort of… Read More

I had a perfect hot day in Rome last week. (On a hot day in Rome, perfection includes getting back to an air conditioned room by 3:00 and spending the hottest part of the day resting one’s feet.) Loyal readers (that’s you, Mom and Paul) already know of my fondness for Gianlorenzo Bernini, the sculptor and architect whose work decorates Rome and — please don’t think me shallow for mentioning this —… Read More

Gelato makes a good day great, and the quest for the perfect gelato is a delightful hobby — or obsession.  I didn’t plan my visit to Rome around gelato, but, come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea. My most recent pursuit of gelato began when I was at the Spanish Steps.  Before lunch.  (And your point is … ?) I thought of the gelato place called 71 Sotto 0… Read More

Unlike Italian kids, I don’t have school on Saturdays, so I decided a quick trip to Rome was in order. I took a 7:30 train from Orvieto, arriving at the Rome train station (Termini) around 8:45. My completely unplanned day of touring started at Santa Maria Maggiore because it was very close to the station. It was a glorious morning. Having grabbed the Michelin Guide to Rome before I left the house, I took… Read More