Postcards from Umbria


I’m lucky to have Paul with me, at least for the first third of this trip. His company is enough – his willingness to write a blog post is icing on the cake. This one’s from Paul. Here’s a tip for anyone staying near Orvieto and contemplating a day trip into Rome or Florence: it’s eminently doable, but simply rolling out of bed whenever you please (as we did) and showing up… Read More

Because we can’t agree on the details of the morning, I am allowing Paul to comment on my report of the incident. His comments are in italics.  (Thank you.) We were at an Autostrada toll booth and it wasn’t going well. My heart was beating hard and fast, my face was hot, and I wanted to cry. (You cried during “Up”!) Even Paul was uncharacteristically agitated. (Was not.) The automated ticket-taker refused… Read More

Paul didn’t come to Italy just to see me … it was also an opportunity for him to get his parents over to visit their parents’ native country. Proving himself to be a kind husband in addition to being a kind son, he agreed to write a post about one of their favorite days in Italy. To get past the agricultural station at U.S. Customs, you have to say whether you’ve been… Read More