Postcards from Umbria


When I was a business traveler, I hated to pack because it was part of being a business traveler, which I didn’t like being. Packing for my trip to Umbria is different, in many ways harder.  I don’t quite know what to expect of life in a tiny Italian village, so can’t anticipate precisely what I’ll want with me.  That’s the fun of travel, right?  OK, but what if I forget something indispensable?… Read More

I’ve never been away for 6 weeks before, so I’m preparing for this trip more carefully than usual.  My “to do” list includes items that I’ve meant to do for shorter trips but just never got around to doing: International driver’s license – This may not be essential, but if – heaven forbid – anything bad were to happen with anything associated with my car, I would want to make sure I… Read More