Postcards from Umbria


One of the very best parts of having Lynn with me for part of this trip was that she’s a great photographer. These are a few of my favorites: Advertisements

Few things make me quite as happy as hearing from guests who love Benano as much as we do. With their permission, I’m sharing notes from the heads of two wonderful families who rented the villa over New Years. But first, enjoy their vacation photos (have you ever seen such beautiful families?)! Hi Karen — We arrived safely home and went back to work the next day then battled fairly exhausting jetlag for… Read More

We love collecting travel tips from our guests. Some of our favorite guests told us that one of the highlights of their stay at Rocca di Benano was their visit to renowned ceramic artist Marino Moretti’s studio. After seeing the art they brought home, we decided we needed to get to know Marino. It wasn’t hard. Marino warmly welcomes visitors, is very engaging, and speaks great English. And he lives and works… Read More

I wish a truckload of fresh fruits and vegetables would pull up to our front door in Cincinnati every week. A note for our guests: this truck arrives on Thursdays around noon.  The complete schedule of vendors who come to Benano is in the house book.

Every morning around 10:00, a white van pulls up to the parking area in Benano.  The driver sounds his horn loud and long, then jumps out and runs around to swing open the van’s back doors and the women of the village buy their bread.  I arrived a little early yesterday, sat on a stone bench in the warm sunshine, worked on a baby sweater I’m knitting, and drank it all in…. Read More

The fish truck was here this morning.  I took this as I returned from my run just before 8:00 and I just heard it leave (around 8:10).

I saw a little slice of life the other day.  It was touching, heartwarming, and as universal as happy children and doting fathers – with an Italian twist. In the very early afternoon, a school bus roared up to one of the houses just outside our village gate.  A happy little schoolgirl wearing a dress and a pink backpack jumped off the bus and practically into the arms of her father, who… Read More

I love my routine, so I’m incorporating the greatest hits from my home routine into its Italian counterpart.  Today I went for a morning run.   My fellow gym-rats at home may be surprised to know that I got off the  treadmill and into the glorious fresh air. My “running” route starts with a hill that is is too steep to even jog.  I’ll revisit that after my 6 weeks here, but I  think… Read More