Postcards from Umbria


Our friend and travelmate Brendon remembers a day at Rocca di Benano: We’ve been back from Benano for about a month now, and I’m still thinking every day about this wonderful, first trip to Italy. I’ve given up my afternoon coffee and replaced it with a shot of espresso, though I’ve been unable to find spremuta, the delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice  that’s everywhere in Italy.  I’m still trying to relax, and instead… Read More

I always offer to help our guests plan their trips, and I’m happy when they accept some help. And when my friend Katie accepted my offer, I was thrilled. Katie had agreed to act as her traveling party’s activities director, and they hit the jackpot when they assigned her to the role. She read everything I sent her, pored over this blog and Rocca di Benano’s Pinterest Board (which is sort of… Read More

Few things make me quite as happy as hearing from guests who love Benano as much as we do. With their permission, I’m sharing notes from the heads of two wonderful families who rented the villa over New Years. But first, enjoy their vacation photos (have you ever seen such beautiful families?)! Hi Karen — We arrived safely home and went back to work the next day then battled fairly exhausting jetlag for… Read More

The drive from Benano to Bagnoregio is short – 40 minutes – and unremarkable. But the walk up the pedestrian bridge from the modern (in a 16th-century Italian kind of way) town of Bagnoregio to the otherworldly town of Civita is staggering. Bagnoregio is an ancient town nestled at the very tip of a hilltop. The walk itself is breathtaking, but the sense that you’re traveling back in time is palpable. Our walk… Read More