Postcards from Umbria


This post is another wonderful guest’s answer to the ever-popular “what would a week at Rocca di Benano be like?” question. I like his answer, particularly the “discovery” of Anguillara Sabazia on the shores of Lake Bracciano. And don’t miss the last shot, when he and his family had to leave Benano.  Thanks very much, Mike. We’re looking forward to having you back to Rocca di Benano! It has taken a while but… Read More

There are two WWII cemeteries near Benano. They are peacefully beautiful and very poignant. The small Orvieto war cemetery is primarily a battlefield cemetery, so the dates of death are almost all about the same — and all of them are way too close to the dates of birth. They were so young. It’s startling to realize that the British men buried here died within weeks of June 5, 1944, when Rome fell to… Read More