Postcards from Umbria


Yesterday was “Festa Della Donna,” or Women’s Day.  Women are traditionally given mimosas, fragrant little yellow flowers.  It’s not a romantic gesture like a valentine.  For example, the director of the language school I’m attending gave each woman on his staff three (odd numbers are good luck in Italy) candy-coated almonds packaged with a small sprig of mimosa.  Women give mimosas to their girlfriends, too.  My class consists of three women, and… Read More

I was walking in Orvieto on my lunch hour-and-a-half (this is Italy!) when I saw this happy sign above a door.  The note attached to it proclaimed the baby boy’s name and date of birth. On a sadder note, this is a photo of the Benano village gate with the death notice that was posted recently: Death notices like this are standard in Italy.  My Italian teacher told me that Orvieto has a… Read More