Postcards from Umbria


I always offer to help our guests plan their trips, and I’m happy when they accept some help. And when my friend Katie accepted my offer, I was thrilled. Katie had agreed to act as her traveling party’s activities director, and they hit the jackpot when they assigned her to the role. She read everything I sent her, pored over this blog and Rocca di Benano’s Pinterest Board (which is sort of… Read More

One of the very best parts of having Lynn with me for part of this trip was that she’s a great photographer. These are a few of my favorites:

Two and a half years out of a perfectly wonderful career at Procter & Gamble, I still find myself mildly unsettled without a real job description (let alone quarterly goals, success measures, and annual reviews) for my work at Rocca di Benano.  If I had one, it would include something along these lines: Accelerate guests’ enjoyment of rural Italy by providing them ample recommendations for day trips, activities, restaurants, etc. All of which… Read More

Paul has mastered the art of wandering around on vacation. Now that he’s here, long-ignored questions like “wonder what’s there?” are being pursued. The resulting cruise is usually interesting, delicious, or both. One day, we started our ramble in Bolsena (on the north shore of Lake Bolsena) and found a sure sign of summer’s approach – Bella Pizza, the shop that advertises pizza a taglio, was open!  Taglio means “cut,” so this is… Read More

Lake Bolsena, a beautiful and surprisingly large volcanic lake, is a lovely 30-minute drive from Benano.  On one of my first outings this week, I went to the largest town on the lake, conveniently – if not creatively – named Bolsena. Jeff & Robin already had the GPS programmed to go to Bolsena, so I turned it on and let her guide me there.  (Yes, Signora GPS speaks English.)   She took… Read More