Postcards from Umbria


One of the very best parts of having Lynn with me for part of this trip was that she’s a great photographer. These are a few of my favorites: Advertisements

We had heard that our little village of Benano is featured in a fresco in Orvieto, but all we knew was that it was supposed to be in a building across the piazza from the Duomo.  So I went on a fresco hunt this morning. The Etruscan Museum is directly across from the church, so that was my first stop.  I was deflated when I saw its stark white walls.  Museum staff… Read More

I was walking in Orvieto on my lunch hour-and-a-half (this is Italy!) when I saw this happy sign above a door.  The note attached to it proclaimed the baby boy’s name and date of birth. On a sadder note, this is a photo of the Benano village gate with the death notice that was posted recently: Death notices like this are standard in Italy.  My Italian teacher told me that Orvieto has a… Read More

I saw a little slice of life the other day.  It was touching, heartwarming, and as universal as happy children and doting fathers – with an Italian twist. In the very early afternoon, a school bus roared up to one of the houses just outside our village gate.  A happy little schoolgirl wearing a dress and a pink backpack jumped off the bus and practically into the arms of her father, who… Read More

I love my routine, so I’m incorporating the greatest hits from my home routine into its Italian counterpart.  Today I went for a morning run.   My fellow gym-rats at home may be surprised to know that I got off the  treadmill and into the glorious fresh air. My “running” route starts with a hill that is is too steep to even jog.  I’ll revisit that after my 6 weeks here, but I  think… Read More

I arrived in Benano this morning, and I felt my pace slow as I walked through the village gate and into such a profoundly different place.  I entered the tranquillity of this walled fortress on foot because the gate and roads are much too small for cars.  The village was built as a military garrison some 1,000 years ago by people focused on protecting Orvieto from the from the Sienese.  They weren’t… Read More