Postcards from Umbria


The first time we rented a villa was on a vacation we took with another couple to Positano, on Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast. The view from this 2-bedroom / 2-bathroom apartment was just as spectacular as advertised. Breathtaking, really. Very, very romantic. Everything was perfect … except for the tiny detail that the second bedroom could be accessed only by going through the first bedroom. We had rented a beautiful two bedroom apartment… Read More

I’m going to the heart of Italy, a brand new early retiree from a career in corporate government relations.  I enjoyed my career, had fun and felt fulfilled.  So I’m not a refugee from corporate America.  Nor am I a refugee from a bad break-up or some horrible tragedy.  I have nothing to flee from – I enjoy a full, very satisfying life, spending most weekdays at home in a large, vibrant… Read More