Let’s Try Pinterest!

At the end of each rental season, I have to cull the collection of brochures, maps, and business cards that have accumulated on Rocca di Benano’s bookshelves.

I hate throwing these things away, because each piece of paper represents an adventure that  some cherished guest experienced and thought worthy of recommending to others. But when the pile grows too big to be useful, toss I must.

IMG_1647 - Version 2

Pinterest, the hot new social media site, made this job much less painful this year because I “pinned” those brochures or business cards on Pinterest “boards.” Have I lost you already?  If so, you may be new to Pinterest and this official explanation of what Pinterest is might be helpful.  And once you get the Pinterest gestalt, you may enjoy this decidedly unofficial exploration of Pinterest.

But back to Benano. For at least a week of my latest stay, I had piles of cards and brochures all over the dining room table. I grouped them by things like  “restaurants within 30 minutes of Benano,” “Deruta” (the pottery town about an hour from Benano) or “Rome,” and “things to do in or very near Benano.” Then, I created Pinterest boards for each category and pinned like a wild woman. And only then did I toss a map or card that a guest had left behind.

IMG_1651Anyone who has dabbled in Pinterest knows how intoxicating the crafts and recipes can be. I’m not saying it was easy to stay focused on developing the Rocca di Benano Pinterest page, because once you’re on Pinterest, distractions abound! (Wanna see the pillow I made using directions I found on Pinterest?  — but I digress.)

Back to Benano. I understand that Pinterest is gaining credibility as a tool for helping trip planners organize their ideas, options, contact information, and more. I love the idea and would be delighted if former guests and travelers add their comments to some of the recommendations posted on Rocca di Benano’s Pinterest page.

In case you’ve missed the hotlink above, here is the Rocca di Benano Pinterest page:  http://pinterest.com/roccadibenano/.

If you check it out, please let me know what you think.  And by all means, comment on anything on Rocca di Benano’s Pinterest site that catches your eye.


3 Comments on “Let’s Try Pinterest!

  1. HOLY MOLY!!!! You are a queen of the Ipad. Coincidentally, I was just snooping around PinInterest on my new Ipad (a few days old) and now I see the potential. You really nailed it. GREAT job, Karen. Not at all sure how you did it, but it’s beautiful.


  2. Karen, Karen, Karen…You have turned into this “techno wiz.” I am so impressed. I had heard and experienced Pininterest, but doing it for Rocco di Benano is a stroke of genius. Very nice.

  3. Dearest Karen- thank you for rescuing me from my strange fascination with fingernails on Pinterest. Your pins rekindled some happy memories and has me itching for more travel in Umbria (and Bolsena, and ever so many other spots)!

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