The Greengrocer Comes to Benano

I wish a truckload of fresh fruits and vegetables would pull up to our front door in Cincinnati every week.

A note for our guests: this truck arrives on Thursdays around noon.  The complete schedule of vendors who come to Benano is in the house book.


3 Comments on “The Greengrocer Comes to Benano

  1. How fun! Would also love this truck pulling up my drive way! Keep those adventures coming, Karen!

  2. I just love this. My husband remembers the horse ad wagon coming with groceries and other supplies on the truck in Brooklyn back in the fifties. We are going to enjoy going back in time when we visit. Thank you for the photos

  3. Just for your information, on Monday mornings (today at around 9.30 am) a car literally buried in merchandise stops off in Benano for however long it takes to satisfy the clientele. The driver (from Morocco, though I don’t know his name) sells just about everything you might need (man, woman or child) in terms of clothing, from underpants to jackets, to shirts to nightwear and shoes. Given that it is now the end of the cold season, today he was selling jeans, fleeced inside for the cold, at 5 euros. He is excellent at his job: knows everyone by name, their size and taste, puts no pressure on his customers and good-naturedly waits for them to go home, try on whatever they might have their eyes on, and return it, if it is no good. The car would be a road hazard in any normal country, not so much for the age of the car, but because the goods are piled high in every empty space – boot, backseat, front seat – and surely slip all over the place every time he puts the brakes on. No matter, he has been doing the job for eighteen years and speaks perfect Umbrian Italian. He knows exactly where everything is in the apparent chaos. Well worth a visit when in Benano.


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