The Truth Can Finally Be Spoken

Construction?  What construction?

Yeah, there’s been a dearth of construction-related news here.

As the months and then years dragged on and our theoretically minor renovation project grew in scope and complexity, friends often asked how the work was progressing. My response?


I couldn’t possibly talk about it without exposing my abject fear that the project would never end — and certainly not before June 4, the scheduled date of arrival of our first guests. How could I possibly have posted pictures like this, taken in March?

The new stairway under construction

Granted, it was a huge step ahead of where we started….


… but we were at a point of no return.

Unlike last year, when we were able to put the project on hold and open the house for the summer rental season, there was no turning back from a hole in the floor where we wanted stairs to be.  So I wrote a nary a word and posted nary a pixel.

Thing is, I was scared witless (or something that rhymes with it).  Time marched on while we (“The Benano Split” — Paul and I and our friends/co-owners Jeff and Robin) anxiously awaited news of progress. Meanwhile, unaware of our angst about the construction schedule, our 2011 guests were paying their deposits and buying their tickets.

But it all came together just in time.  It was if we had written the plans.  And, in fact, we did.  We planned for it to be finished by early June, but maybe we should have been more specific … it was originally intended to be completed in June 2010.


But we’re so happy with the results that the extra year hardly seems to matter anymore.

Here’s another set of before and after shots:

Find the outline of an old arch in the wall

See the new arch that replaced the old doorway

More to come.


8 Comments on “The Truth Can Finally Be Spoken

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. A labor of love. A work of art. As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s medieval history program, I thank-you for helping save your piece of the past.

  2. Wow, Karen, what a transformation! The first photo of the gentlemen discussing the construction while pointing at the drawings is a scene right out of “A Year in Provence.”
    Congratulations to all on the completion of the work.
    Sean K

  3. Wow, it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see more photos. We’ll have to think about scheduling a return trip as soon as we can. Miss the area so much. Congratulations on getting everything finished!

  4. Congratulations to all of you. I am so proud of you and very happy for you. Karen and I want so much to be able to come over and visit with you in your beautiful new (old) home!

  5. As someone who does not plan to visit, but who treasures moments spent with K&P, the pictures bring your adventure vividly to mind, but even a greater delight is the written commentary, artfully stated and understated.

  6. Lovely!! Wish I was there for the toast to completion.

  7. Absolutely awesome! So happy it’s come together, and so agree that the construction workers photo looks like it came from the movie! Hope to have a chance to see it in person on our next trek through Italy. What a great spot you have. Kudos to you, my friend!

  8. stunning . . . how wonderful to see your vision realized. I hope to be able to see it in person next year!

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