Caffè, Italian style

Sono felice di rivedervi. (“I am happy to see you again.”)  I landed in Rome and regretted that my Italian is no better — and probably worse — then when I was here two months ago.  I immediately began planning how to say hello to my neighbors in Benano.  Mi dispiace non ero una buona studentessa — ancora. (“I’m sorry I wasn’t a good student — again.”)

But before I get to Benano, I have a couple of days on my own in Rome.

I got my first caffè and spremuta (delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice) before even leaving the airport!  And as if I would have forgotten, I was reminded that I’m not in Kansas (or Ohio) anymore.  The man next to me at the coffee bar ordered a caffè corretto (“corrected coffee”) — espresso with a shot of grappa.

That was at about 8:00 a.m.


5 Comments on “Caffè, Italian style

  1. How wonderful to have you safely returned to your adopted country. That means a treat for you and a treat for your Postcards pals.

    Hope your coffee mate wasn’t dressed in a pilot’s uniform, Karen.

  2. Complimenti, Karen. Great post. Perfect length. Informative. And nice example of yet another of the many Italian-American cultural divides.

  3. Agree with the above. Good to have you back at the keyboard and for us to read your wonderful posts. Enjoy!

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