Channeling Nancy Drew … or, The Case of the Mysterious Fresco

We had heard that our little village of Benano is featured in a fresco in Orvieto, but all we knew was that it was supposed to be in a building across the piazza from the Duomo.  So I went on a fresco hunt this morning.

The Etruscan Museum is directly across from the church, so that was my first stop.  I was deflated when I saw its stark white walls.  Museum staff confirmed that I wouldn’t find any frescos there.  They didn’t know where to suggest I look, so I poked my head into a few shops opposite the church. Then I came to this locked door.

This looked as promising as it was imposing, and I suspected I had found it. I had also found a fellow student in the piazza, so she was with me when I rang the bell. The lock buzzed and the door popped open and we found ourselves in an empty marble stairwell. Seeing neither people nor a fresco, we took the only route possible, which was up the stairs. We came into another empty anteroom.  But this one had frescos near its very high ceiling. We had found it!  We took some pictures, congratulated ourselves on our ingenuity, and when no one ever came to see whom they had buzzed in, we left the building.

So I don’t know anything else about the fresco.  I’m clearly no Nancy Drew when it comes to sleuthing.

And that’s OK. I’m getting used to not understanding a lot of what’s happening around me. It’s a humbling and kind of liberating feeling.


5 Comments on “Channeling Nancy Drew … or, The Case of the Mysterious Fresco

  1. Just Googled the Opera del Duomo Orvieto. They have a marvelous web site — and they have a wonderful English translation (how courteous of those Orvietans!). Interesting operation. Here is a bit about what they do: The Opera del Duomo of Orvieto, or vestry, is an independent entity with the specific task of ensuring the maintenance and preservation of the Cathedral and the administration of its assets, including how (Museo dell’Opera del Duomo di Orvieto) …… (just a teaser…. you have to check it our for yourselves!!)

  2. Good for you Nancy Drew. You passed your first test in becoming a super sleuth! Bravissimo!

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