Let the Work Begin

Here are a few photos as the work to renovate the lower level of the house begins. Once we’re finished, we’ll have better access to the terrace, a new bedroom and bathroom, and a new living space.

Getting the truck into Benano was the first challenge. I notice they only did this once.

We got our first good look at the space that will become our new bedroom and realized it was once used as barn. The rings on the wall seem to be where the villagers tied up their animals.

We lost the old forno (oven), but we gained a new window

We lost the old forno (oven), but we gained a window


2 Comments on “Let the Work Begin

  1. Karen, the first shot reminds me of when Jeff had a very large truck deliver a load of stone for his front lot at the villa in Torre Alfina. Traffic was stopped, iron gates were removed, townspeople convened — hours of engagement and fascination for Ryan and me!

  2. What a neat photo indeed of that truck getting squeezed into town. You have an eye for such things, Karen. I relish each post. Thank you.

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