The Fish Market Comes to Benano

The fish truck was here this morning.  I took this as I returned from my run just before 8:00 and I just heard it leave (around 8:10).


4 Comments on “The Fish Market Comes to Benano

  1. Looks like the truck that visits Torre Alfina, too! Hmmm, something seems fishy….

  2. Hi Karen: As usual, your post is very thoughtful. Maybe this one goes to prove the point of the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    Your posts poignantly tell the story of the very different rhythm of life in Benano (different from my world in Baltimore, at least!). I can imagine that the residents know the truck will be there on Tuesdays (and other days — I imagine), and they need to be ready to buy the fish they will be preparing that afternoon or evening. I cannot imagine my neighbors running out to the fish truck on a Tuesday morning! That is what makes it so great to read — and view your posts. We get to see through your eyes the very interesting lives and take note of the different rhythms of life in Benano. I feel as though I am ready to slow the pace down here — if only for a moment. Wait, the phone is ringing . Have to go …….

  3. I can’t fiigure out the blog enough to make this comment after having read the Roman Holliday one. How is your Italian coming? Did you succeed in getting a half order because you now know the words? And who are Joe and Jonathen? I must have missed something.
    I love the blog, and am looking forward to the rest of them.
    Much love — Mom

  4. We never managed to be awake and out the door in time for the fish truck… glad to hear it is not a myth!

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