Signs of Life and Death

I was walking in Orvieto on my lunch hour-and-a-half (this is Italy!) when I saw this happy sign above a door.  The note attached to it proclaimed the baby boy’s name and date of birth.

On a sadder note, this is a photo of the Benano village gate with the death notice that was posted recently:

Death notice at Benano

Death notices like this are standard in Italy.  My Italian teacher told me that Orvieto has a prescribed place for posting such notices, and people will go and browse them, sort of like some of us browse the obituaries in the newspaper.  This death announcement includes what you would expect: the deceased person’s name, date of the death and funeral arrangements.  It also included her age. This woman was 97.

If the little boy just born in Orvieto lives as long as the woman from Benano who just passed away, he will live until 2107.

May it be so.


3 Comments on “Signs of Life and Death

  1. Loving the beautiful photos and the vocative tone of your writing, Karen. Keep ’em comin’! I never knew how they handle the “circle of life” notices. How quaintly charming.

  2. Karen,
    I enjoy your blog so much. You are teaching us things we otherwise would never know. I find everything you share so interesting.

  3. The rhythms of life are indeed remarkable. Learning of them from a different culture makes them even more poignant. T hanks Karen!

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